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Jewellery by SMArtist

Jewellery by SMArtist was created in 2021 by Sarah May and is adjoined to her brand SMArtistStudio.
Sarah has been a successful artist for many years and has a versatile range in the field of art, not just with paintings but craftworks too.
Her aim has always been to get original art back into peoples homes in an affordable way as a way for people to express their individuality in a world where there is a huge market for the mass produced.
She has always had a keen eye and enjoys learning new skills that she can bring her artistic flair into.
As a jewellery lover herself, she wanted to create high-quality, hand-made sterling silver jewellery while incorporating natural gemstones, crystals and sea glass. And as it's so different to her other creations she created Jewellery by SMArtist