Jewellery by SMArtist has now been lanched. Check it out!

I did it!!! The website is LIVE!!!

I am quite a reserved person. I'm not normally one to waffle on or put myself out there but it feels as though something is changing. I'd pretty much begged my husband over the years to build me a website for my artwork and he never got round to it. But technology is a wonderful thing and so now I have found an easy and brilliant way to build it myself thanks to the exceptionally fantastic Shopify. It's a huge leap for me, not something I ever thought I'd be capable of doing but it's done and it's here! It's taken me a while to get too where I am but I'm so glad I did. If any of you at any point want your own website or branch out into the world than I thoroughly recommend Shopify. The tutorial course videos are golden so even if you think you can't build a website, you will! And I say that sincerely as a technophobe!

So SMArtistStudio is live and I can't wait to start selling and carry on with my journey as an artist and share it with you all.

Stay safe and well!